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McDonald`s Offers Screening Deals With Prizes This World Cup
There are certain things that you can always count on. For instance, you can always rely on McDonald`s to show you a good time while you`re there. Likewise, the 2018 FIFA World Cup, arguably the biggest sporting event in the world is living up to its expectations as well. The electric atmosphere emanating all the way from Russia has spread all over the globe, and 더나인카지노 football mania has captured our attention. The football world cup has a lot in common with McDonald`s. For starters, they have an immense fan following, they never cease to amaze us, and they always deliver.
This World Cup, McDonald`s has organized screenings all over Mumbai. This is great news for football fans across the city who can now munch on their favourite burgers while cheering their team on fervently. The atmosphere at McDonald`s outlets in Vasai, Colaba, Borivali, Sai Elegance, DLR, Fun Republic, Anupam, Star Mall, AtoZ (Vasai), Shalimar, Mulund, and Koparkhaiane will be the closest fans in India can get to the real action, and all within an arm`s reach of tasty McDonald`s products.
What`s more, there is an exciting contest that fans of football, McDonald`s and both alike can participate in - follow your gut and 예스카지노 pick a winner from the football match being screened, and you can get the chance to win some amazing World Cup themed prizes.
The Contest requires you to order any McSaver`s combo during the screening, and fill up a form filling out some necessary details, such as your name and your prediction for the match, and drop it inside a red contest box that shouldn`t be hard to locate! Wait till the end of the game, and if your prediction is among those that got it right, you have the chance to be the winner for that round!
The prizes include national team themed t-shirts of Brazil, Portugal and Argentina, designed especially for the event by official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup 2018, Adidas. Other goodies include Adidas water sippers with the national team crests of Spain and Germany. No matter which team you support, one of the most satisfying experiences of watching `the beautiful game` is to watch it with your friends! When watching a game, it`s also important to keep snacks handy, and rest assured you`ll get that, and something to water that down, with some cool beverages from the McSaver Combo.
Further, McDonald`s has added some exclusive filters on social media website Facebook for fans of the World Cup. The filters can be accessed through the app`s camera function, and you can select the filter of any of the playing nations, including England, Belgium, France and the host team, Russia. If you cannot somehow make it to the screenings, you can click a selfie using a filter, upload the image, include your prediction and don`t forget to tag McDonald`s India West and South. In India, the football world cup unites the unlikeliest of people through the football teams they support, and that is telling of the power of the sport.
The Blog brings to you all the updates on McDonald`s India (West
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